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Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Goreans have long known this to be true, which is why the preferred kajira is intelligent, clever and imaginative. Intelligent women are quicker to embrace the truths that are released from within, those natural endowments that stem from our genetic forefathers. They are much faster to revel in their femininity, their essential womanhood. And they can discern far more ways to please a man than a duller girl.

So, when I am hunting, I gravitate toward those intelligent women.

Like that infamous purloined letter, the best disguise is often to be in plain view. I mingle with those who aspire to be what most will never attain. And what they see as fiction, is my life. And none would suspect the reality behind the fantasy, that a series of science-fiction novels could hide those deeper truths.

So, I lay my traps, and wait to see what prey they attract. There is much chaff to separate out, women who are worth little of my valuable time. Though all women have some potential, I sought the prime specimens, the elite of the masses. I wanted women of superb quality, of a certain rare intelligence. I could afford to be very particular.

And, after a dry spell, I stumbled upon a potential candidate, a candidate that initially pursued me.

We began to converse some, and in subtle ways I turned it into an interview of her. Though it appeared a quid pro quo, a sharing of questions and answers, I learned far more than she. And I followed up on what she did tell me.

Computers make matters so much easier. One can garner a multitude of personal information through the Internet, especially if one knew the best resources. Within a short time, I began to piece together the facts of her life, the most intimate details available.

Combined with my interviewing, I composed a portrait of this woman, a detailed dossier of her essence. And what I found intrigued me.

I would depart for my home just before the summer solstice. The ship would arrive to transport me and any of my finds. I had two on standby and would likely opt for this third one as well. I might even keep this one rather than sell her.

With the proper training she could develop into a superb kajira, one worthy of even a Ubar. She would adapt well to her new world, reveling in the gift of long life provided by the Stabilization Serums. And she would get in touch with that heated core of herself, that beauty within.

Though she remained only on the fringes of Gor, a voyeur more than a participant, she would ironically find herself thrust into that world, though a world of reality, not fantasy.

She was eerily prescient when she compared me to Lange, stating she felt I truly understand his work. She had glimpsed part of the truth though she could not realize it.

But then how was she to know that Gor truly existed and that was the planet of my birth? How was she to know that the man she laughed with, the man she teased, would soon take her to his world?

How was Michelle to know she had been selected to be a kajira on Gor?