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GOR IS... a series of science-fiction novels written by John Norman.
GOR IS... a word that means "Home Stone."
GOR IS... a Counter-Earth, hidden on the other side of our Sun.
GOR IS... a primitive world in many respects but possessing certain technologies even more advanced than Earth.
GOR IS... a world ruled by the mysterious Priest-Kings, the gods of Gor.
GOR IS... a world that tries to live in accordance with nature.
GOR IS... a world of honor and savagery, of Castes and slaves, of Warriors and Peasants.
GOR IS... so many different things.

                  The world of Gor is delineated in a series of twenty-six novels written by John Norman. The long awaited 26th novel of Gor, Witness of Gor, was published in August 2002 and at least one other new volume, Prize of Gor, will eventually see publication. Unfortunately, most of the Gor novels are out of print except that the first sixteen books, in a revised and expanded form, are currently available as E-Books. Otherwise, they can be difficult to acquire or prohibitively expensive. There is a strong possibility though that the books will be republished in the future.
                   Due to the scarcity of many of the novels, people who would like to learn about Gor have some obstacles to overcome. If they cannot obtain the books, they must seek elsewhere for information about Gor. A number of these interested individuals seek to learn through the various Gorean web sites online. Sadly, many of those sites are rife with inaccuracies, distortions and myths. To help remedy this situation, I have created this web site. This site presently contains ninety-four essays on Gor, consisting of over 1000 pages of information. Accuracy is essential to me and I have spent over ten years ensuring that these essays are as accurate as possible.
                   This site is meant to be a comprehensive look at the world of Gor as depicted in the novels of Gor. There will be little from the books that is not addressed here. This site also examines matters outside of the books, such as the inspirations for Gor, which entail an examination into history, science and philosophy. There is probably not another single Gorean web site that covers as many different topics from the books as this one. This is also a dynamic site, one that continually grows and seeks to improve itself. As I continue to reread and reexamine the books, I revise and expand the older essays. I also continue to write new essays on topics I have not yet covered. This is not a stagnant site by any means.
                    The information in these essays comes primarily from Norman's novels. Some of the speculation is the work of my own creativity but it is always based on information from the books. You should be able to easily recognize when I am speculating on an issue. A few mistakes may have slipped into these papers but I am on constant watch against them. If anyone feels there is an error, I would love to hear about it. Just drop me a line noting any relevant book references.
                   These essays do not contain extensive book and page references. This is done for several reasons. First, I have written a Gorean encyclopedia that includes all those references. I have spent a lot of time and effort compiling that work and it will see publication in the future. Second, such references would take away from the easy to read narrative form of these essays. These essays are meant to be a primer of Gor and thus need to be easily accessible to all. A lot of quotes disrupt the narrative form of these essays. If I added all of the relevant quotes to these essays, this site would at the very least triple in size. Third, simply quoting numerous book passages is not really educational. That does nothing to explain what    those passages mean. And unless all the relevant passages are given, the reader might come away with the wrong impression on a topic. The context of quote is also very important in understanding a passage but the context is rarely mentioned when you simply give a quote. Lastly, as many do not possess the books, references are useless to them anyway. They could not check the citations even if they had them. But, if you wish a citation, feel free to contact me.
                    Let me explain briefly how these essays are written. First, I scour the Gor novels taking extensive notes, with book and page references, on every subject in the books. This information is compiled into my own personal A to Z encyclopedia of Gor. Then, I decide on a topic for an essay. Once that is chosen, I extract from my encyclopedia all of the relevant references to that topic. I then compile that information into a more accessible narrative. Over time, I will then revise and expand that essay. I will add more personal commentary and speculation. I will also add items that I have found when I have rescoured the books, finding additional little tidbits of information. You can examine a book ten times and nearly every time find some small fact that you missed. Thus, my own education is a continuing matter.
                    These educational essays should give anyone who reads them a good working knowledge of the world of Gor. This information will be of benefit to role-players, real-timers, life-stylers, philosophers or anyone else with an interest in Gor. Please read these essays and any revised/expanded editions that come out. I have received very positive feedback concerning my Education Scrolls and feel that they have benefited many people. Be proud of your knowledge. Information is a powerful tool. This information can serve you in many ways, from enhancing your role-playing experience to being an aid to applying Gorean philosophy in your real life.
                     But, please remember that there is no true substitute for reading the books themselves. They are the original source and cannot be recommended strongly enough.

I wish you all well.


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