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(#9, Version 5.0)
A well trained kajira is expected to know a variety of slave positions and be able to respond to a series of common commands. There is some erroneous information online concerning Gorean positions and commands as depicted in the novels. Positions such as "kar-ta" and "sula-ki" are never explicitly named in the novels. Their names have been created by others online to describe certain matters mentioned in the novels but never formally named. Other such positions have been created out of nothing and have no basis in the novels. This work shall show a number of named positions that exist in the novels and describe some unnamed positions and their uses. Other positions and commands do exist. The following is not an inclusive list.
Kneeling: The primary position for all slaves is kneeling. The Gorean word for kneel may be "nadu" but that is only speculation. In the books, "nadu" is only used as a specific command that will be further on in this scroll. All women, free and slave, kneel when sitting. Women who dare to sit cross-legged, like men, are seen as insolent and insulting. Slaves are not permitted generally to sit in chairs and could even be whipped or slain for daring to sit in one. Kajirae must commonly kneel when entering her owner's presence, if her owner is present nearby, or in the presence of any other free person. Kneeling though is a position that can be assumed easily and beautifully. A kajira can also rise from the kneeling position with beauty and grace. Kneeling is seen as a sign of respect, expressing the submission of a slave. In kneeling, all women, free and slave, are expected to carry themselves well. Their backs should be straight, their chin high, and they should be properly poised. Women do not slouch in such a position.
When a girl kneels, it is customary for her to remain a few feet away from her owner. This distance symbolizes, along with the difference in height between a standing owner and kneeling kajira, the inferiority and lowly status of the slave. It also puts the slave in a position where she can be readily viewed. In addition, it puts enough space between the slave and master so that if the master desires to ravish the kajira, such desire will require an active decision to bridge that distance toward the girl. Thus, his desire will not be reflexively triggered. If a girl was to purposefully kneel very close to her master, this would be an indication of her desire to be ravished, hoping her master will act on his urges without consideration.
The position of a woman's knees when kneeling is very important. Free women will always keep their knees tightly closed, thus being modest. Tower and house slaves also commonly do the same. Tower and house slaves are generally assigned domestic duties but there are times when they might also serve a master's pleasure. At those times, they might kneel with their knees open if commanded to do so. Pleasure slaves, and similar kajirae, generally always keep their knees wide open while kneeling. They are bereft of modesty and open for all to see. In general though, even if a girl is kneeling with her knees open, you are most likely only to see some pubic hair. Such a position is not as revealing as many would think.
The position of one's hands while kneeling is also important. Free women will rest their hands on their thighs, their palms face down. Tower and house slaves will keep their hands in front of them, usually crossed if not otherwise occupied. Pleasure slaves rest their hands on their thighs, either palm up or down, though in some cities they will keep their hands crossed behind them. The palms of the hands, when facing upwards, is a way of signaling a girls' need, helplessness, and desire to please. It is a silent signal of a girl's desire for her master.
"Position" is a common command that is given when the kajira is expected to assume the common kneeling position for her slave type. Thus, tower and house slaves will assume a specific position that is different from the position assumed by the pleasure slave. Sometimes, a master may wish his kajira to assume a different position than her type and he will then specifically tell her which position to assume. This is where a tower or house slave might be ordered to kneel in the position of the pleasure slave. A position may also be commanded as part of a girl's discipline. If this is so, the girl must remain very rigid in her position. If it was not ordered for discipline, a kajira has much more leeway. Her body is permitted to move some, such as allowing her to rise a bit on her heels, turn her head or such. The key remains that the girl should be appealing in her movements.
Most often in these positions, the kajira keeps her head raised. This will depends greatly on the specific discipline the kajira is undergoing and the preferences of her master. By keeping her head up, this will eliminate the need to command her to raise it. It also shows the facial beauty of the slave. In addition, the slave can see who is in the room and is able to better judge the moods, needs and desires of her master or any other free person in the room. She can be more pleasing if she is fully aware of her surroundings. A kajira may not break any of these positions until she receives explicit permission to do so.
Nadu, Sula, Bara, Lesha
These four terms are used infrequently in the books. They are Gorean words but their meanings are never clearly defined. They are used in the context of being commands to a kajira. When the command is given, the girl is expected to assume a certain position. It is unclear if these words are solely meant to refer to these specific positions or if the words may have greater meaning. It is only speculation at this point.
"Nadu" might be the general Gorean word for "kneel." But, each time a girl is commanded to "nadu" in the books she assumes the position of the pleasure slave. The slave kneels back on her heels, resting her hands on her thighs. She maintains excellent posture with her back straight, her head up, and her breasts thrust forward. Her knees are widely spread. Thus, "nadu" may only refer to the pleasure slave position though the root word may derive from the Gorean word for "kneel." If a tower or house slave had been commanded to "nadu" and assumed the closed knee position, then it would be easy to see that "nadu" simply means "kneel" but without such a reference, we can only speculate. You will see many web sites state that "nadu" means "kneel" but that is not necessarily accurate. The books are not clear on that matter.
"Sula" is another undefined Gorean word that might possibly mean "back" or "prone." It was always used in the books as a command to a kajira. The kajira would lie on her back with her hands at her sides, palms up. Her legs would be spread wide apart. In this position, a kajira is ready for her master's pleasure.
"Bara" is another undefined Gorean word that might possibly mean "belly." It was always used in the books as a command to a kajira. The kajira would lie on her stomach, her head to the left, with her wrists crossed behind her and her ankles similarly crossed. Thus, the kajira would be ready to be bound by her master. This position is also known as the "standard binding position." "Bara" should not be confused with the command "belly" which has a much different meaning, which will be discussed later in this scroll.
This word is the first indication that these four words may simply be specific commands and not general words. Since "bara" and "belly" are two very different commands, a couple matters might be correct. First, bara may not be the exact Gorean word for "belly." Second, if this is true then the other words, nadu, sula and lesha, might also not be exact translations of Gorean words. They might all be only specific commands. But, without further evidence, again we can only speculate.
"Lesha" is another undefined Gorean word that might possibly mean "leash." This word is always used in the books as a command to a kajira. The commanded girl can be either standing or kneeling. She will then lift her chin, turning her head to the left. She also places her wrists behind her as though they were manacled. This would allow an owner to leash and bind a girl for travel.
In most positions, the head is kept raised. This all depends on the specific discipline the kajira is undergoing and the preferences of her master. This precludes a command to raise it. It also shows the facial beauty of the slave. The slave can also see who is in the room and is able to better judge the moods, needs and desires of her master or any other free person in the room . A kajira may not break any of these positions until she receives explicit permission to do so.
"Leading position" is a command where a girl places her head down at her master's waist. He then fastens his left hand in her hair, keeping his right hand free to grab his sword if necessary. The master then walks, pulling his kajira behind him. This is usually only done for short distances. It may also be done in crowded areas if the master does not have a leash.
"Heel" is a command for a girl to stand behind her master, usually to walk behind him. Kajirae heel to the left of a right-handed master. If you walked on the right side, it would be seen as a sign of disfavor. If there are several girls following a master, the girl who is closest to the master is the one most favored.
"Bracelets" is a command generally given when a master wishes to place manacles upon a girl. It may also be given as a command simply to have the girl assume the position. In this position, the slave stands before her master, with her hips slightly turned to one side and her back and shoulders erect. Her wrists are then crossed behind her back and she turns her head to the left.
A common neck chaining position is for a girl to get on her hands and knees. This allows the master to easily attach a chain to a girl's collar. It could also be used to leash a girl as well.
"High-harness position" is another position used if you wish to leash a girl. The girl stands straight, her head held far back so a leash can be attached to her collar. It may also be used simply as a position for a girl to assume for either discipline or training purposes.
The position of the "serving slave" is mentioned very briefly in the books but is not described. It is named in opposition to the pleasure slave position. We can only speculate on how it differs.
"Obeisance" is a command, commonly given as "perform obeisance." Obeisance essentially is a gesture or body movement that shows respect. There are many ways in which a kajira can respond to this command. Three common forms were listed in Mercenaries of Gor, book #21. Note though, that these forms are not specific positions. They are only a few examples of how obeisance can be shown. There are many others. If you are commanded to "perform obeisance," any of these forms will suffice unless your master has previously told you that he requires a specific form when he gives such a command.
The first form listed is mentioned as a possible obeisance position though there are authorities who claim it is not such a position. At any rate, it is a common position of slave submission. Essentially, it is the Nadu position where the kajira also lowers her head in deference.
The second form listed is similar to what is known online as "kar-ta." But, the term "kar-ta" is never used in the novels. It is an online creation only. It is not a valid Gorean term and should not be used. The second form also differs in a few ways than the "kar-ta" position. In the second form, you begin in the kneeling position. You then lower your head to the floor and place the palms of your hands on the floor. You then raise your head a bit and move forward, maintaining your position. You finally then lick and kiss the feet of your master, doing it softly, lingeringly and lovingly.
A third form is to "belly." There are various forms of "bellying." One simple variation involves lying on your belly and slowly inching forward. When you reach your master's feet, lick and kiss them as in the second form. "Bellying" may be given as a specific command. In some instances, this means for the kajira just to lie on her belly. In others, it refers to this form of obeisance. The command "bara" is similar but will be used instead of "bellying" when the master wishes you to assume that exact position.
In all of these forms of obeisance, you may not rise to your feet until you receive explicit permission to do so from your Master.
A quote from the novels explains the meaning behind obeisance quite well. "It is pleasant to have a woman perform obeisance before one. It is also appropriate. In such a way, in such symbolisms, may the order of nature, and its profound truths, in a conventional and civilized manner, be expressed and acknowledged." (Vagabonds of Gor, p.205)
Discipline Commands
Masters may give certain commands, which at times have disciplinary purposes. These commands may also be given for other purposes.

"Gag law" is a discipline where a girl is forbidden speech, save for moans and whispers. Though she wears no actual gag, she must act as if she does.
"Bound by the master's will," also known as a "will bond," means that a kajira must remain as if she was chained, braceleted or bound by actual equipment, even though no such items truly bind her. She may have to keep her hands crossed behind her, touching each other and cannot release them without permission. Her ankles may be similarly crossed and expected to remain that way. Some men leave a girl holding a public slave ring without chaining them to that ring. The kajira is expected not to release the ring under any circumstances until her master returns. Almost any position will suffice, subject to the desires of the master.
"Discipline of the she-quadruped" is sometimes called online the discipline of the she-sleen yet that is an erroneous name, one not listed in the novels. In this modality, a kajira pretends to be an animal in all respects. Speech is forbidden, except for certain animal sounds. She is forbidden human posture and must walk around on all fours. Food will be thrown to her or put in pans and she must eat without her hands. She may even be taught pet tricks. If she is used sexually, she will be used as an animal. This modality may be used as a punishment or for training a new kajira. It teaches a kajira that she is on the level of an animal. It is often imposed on captured Ubaras.
There are a variety of common whipping positions. In all forms, the kajira is stripped so as to not ruin her clothing. One standard form is for a girl's wrists to be braceleted and her hands then raised above her head. The bracelets are commonly chained to a beam on the ceiling. The chains are then raised until the girl's heels are about a quarter of an inch off the ground. In many whipping positions, the girl's hair is also moves aside so it will not be ruined by the whip.
Other Commands
Kajirae are often rewarded with pastries if they are pleasing. If given one, a Master may command the kajira to "eat it very slowly, making it last a long time." This means the kajira must eat the pastry incredibly slowly, barely touching it. Primarily she is to use her tongue on it, only nibbling it once in a while. This serves to put her under good discipline, is good exercise for the tongue, and increases her sexual heat. A master could also ask a kajira to eat other items in this same manner besides pastry.
When a master wants his slave for pleasure in his home, he tells the slave to "light the lamp of love", the ravishment lamp. The kajira will light the lamp and place it in the window so they will not be disturbed.
"Slave lips" is a command for a kajira to purse her lips as if she is ready to kiss someone. She cannot break this command until she has been kissed by her Master.
"Speak as a slave" is a command for a kajira to speak in the third person. Some wrongly believe that all slaves must speak in the third person. The novels though contain a multitude of examples where slaves commonly speak in the first person. It is also common that slaves do speak in the third person but it is not an absolute. It all depends on each kajira's master and her training. It is not wrong for a slave to use the first person unless she is under specific orders to speak in third person.
"Show rebellion" is a cruel command, where a mock rebellion is permitted. "Kneel" is the command that commonly tells the kajira to stop the mock rebellion. When a girl has been permitted defiance, it is very sweet to bring her back under absolute control.
"Sandals" is a command for a kajira to place sandals on her master. The girl gets the sandals and kisses them. She then places the sandals on his feet, thonging them tightly, and kissing each knot as she completes it. After tying both sandals, she puts her head to his feet in a graceful gesture of submission
"Pretended disinterest" is a dangerous command. It is usually given to a slave in reference to a supper guest who the master intends to give the girl to later in the evening. She must pretend disinterest, and sometimes loathing, to the guest though she must still serve in absolute perfection. She then gradually permits her true feelings to come out, giving the impression of having been seduced by the guest. Some guests may be angered by this "joke" if they discover it. A host should know his guest well before trying such a joke.
"Hair" is a command given generally at feasts and banquets. A girl would kneel before a guest and lower her head. A guest could then wipe and clean his hands on her hair. Napkins are not apparently a big thing at such feasts.