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There are literally hundreds of Gorean websites nowadays, and their quality ranges significantly. Any web search will locate a myriad of Gorean websites for your perusal. Some of these websites last only a short time while others remain in existence for years. And new websites sprout up all the time. Many of these websites contain inaccuracies, sometimes quite substantial. Some websites contain excellent information in certain limited areas while failing to possess information on other Gorean areas. Assessing the validity of these numerous websites and deciding which ones to recommend is an arduous task. Rather than spend all that time trying to wade through the websites to choose only the best and more accurate, I will devote that time and effort instead to improving my own website. Thus, I currently will not provide any links to other Gorean sites here. 

In the future, if I do have spare time, I may examine some sites and if I feel they are accurate and useful, I will provide their links here. There are other good sites out there but it can be difficult to determine which they are unless you spend much time going over the sites in great detail. If you feel that a link to your website would be beneficial to the Gorean community, please contact me and I will examine your site when I am able to do so. Such sites should be highly accurate. In addition, if anyone wishes to place a link to my site on their own website, and just a link, you may freely do so.