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(#50, Version 5.0)
Tal all,
This is my Fiftieth Educational Scroll. For such a special milestone, I have put together a much different scroll than the previous ones. This scroll contains a miscellaneous mixture of more fun materials, from short stories and story-lines to a Gorean primer. It also contains information on the origins of Delphius, the Gorean role-play city I created. I hope you enjoy these Gorean tidbits.
Gorean Alphabet Primer
We have all probably seen children's alphabet primers. They assign a word for each letter of the alphabet and then briefly describe that word, usually in a rhyming sequence. I have created a Gorean primer, though not one for children. Numerous similar primers could easily be created in a similar manner.
A is for...Assassin, the dreaded Killer of the Black Caste
B is for...Bath girls, the beautiful kajirae who can swim so fast
C is for...camisk, the poncho-like garment that exposes the side
D is for...dina, the beautiful flower and brand that may adorn a girl's hide
E is for...exotic, the slaves that are specially bred
F is for...Falarian, the rarest wine it is said
G is for...gladius, the warrior's weapon of choice
H is for...Home Stone, that symbol that gives a city one voice
I is for...Initiates, the White Caste who serve the Priest Kings
J is for...Jarl, the rulers of Torvaldsland who preside at Things
K is for...Kajirae, the daughters of the chain
L is for...larl, the dangerous predator without a mane
M is for...Marlenus, the great Ubar who wants to unite the land
N is for...Nar, the Swamp Spider who even in self defense will not raise a hand
O is for...ostrakon, the tickets that buy you a view
P is for...paga, that delightful fiery brew
Q is for...quiva, the Wagon Peoples' legendary blade
R is for...Rencers, who live in the Delta where paper is made
S is for...Sa-Tarna, the grain that makes an excellent bread
T is for...Tarl Cabot, the hero of the Gor books you have read
U is for...urt, the Gorean creature like a rat
V is for...vart, the Gorean creature like a bat
W is for...World's End, the unknown area of Thassa fraught with danger
X is for...xenophobic, as Goreans hate the stranger
Y is for...yellow stake, that is used on land you wish to claim
Z if for...Zar, that unique Tahari game